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Worship culture forever “Artist of the week”

I watched the movie “The Train” (Based on the true life story of Mike-Bamiloye) last month, and I couldn’t help the rush of emotions I felt for almost all the scenes acted. I literally cried all through the movie. I connected so well with the story of our dear father Mike-Bamiloye, and,felt God speaking to me through every single scene.

As inspiring as the movie was, I couldn’t help but wonder, who sang all the beautifully composed songs. Honestly, the songs in the movie were an added spice to the ministration of that movie. I sort of knew it was Joshua Mike-Bamiloye singing the songs all along because; I listened to his song ‘Hello hello sister”, which I really love by the way and,it got me familiar with the way he sings.

After discovering he was the brain behind the songs sang in the movie, I decided to go to his page, to let him know that the theme song for the movie will greatly contribute to blessing people’s lives,and not just the story alone. (Didn’t put it this way exactly but, that’s what I meant.)

(By the way the theme song for the movie was sung with Lawrence Oyor. Again, I am sure most of you already know Lawrence Oyor. Well…If you don’t, keep checking this space because, we will make him our artist of the week soon.

Let me also just quickly drop this few statements, before I continue writing about artist of the week….

I never knew a person could chant while singing until I listened to Lawrence Oyor chant in “The Train” theme song. I am aware you can sing in tongues but, chanting! That’s a whole new level. To be honest there are different dimensions in the realm of worship, and I’m glad I discovered a new one through Lawrence Oyor. OK now, let me stop here.)

I came across a comment on his page that made me more interested in finding out about this gospel minster. The person wrote, “Why did you stop singing, I gave my life to Christ because of your song”. Hmmmn…that statement struck me a lot because, that is what we pray for as gospel artists. That people will come to the knowledge of the lord Jesus Christ through our songs,and accept him as their one and only savior.  All the while, I had thought ‘Hello sister’ was Jay-Mikee’s first single, just for me to be shocked that he had sang so many amazing God centered songs. Thank God he replied the persons comment, and said his songs were on

I went to sharply, and listened to almost all his songs, and equally downloaded some of them. Trust me, I got what that person said after listening to his songs. Joshua Mike-Bamiloye is a gifted gospel singer! I hope he puts his songs out there more, so that more people can listen and more souls can be saved.

I am sure some of you already know a little about Joshua Mike Bamiloye. If you don’t that’s fine; I am always here to keep you informed about your favorite gospel artist. So,here we go;

Joshua Mike Bamiloye also know as Jay-Mikee is the second child and second son of our beloved Mount Zion movie founders Mike and Gloria Bamiloye, He was born on  November 7,1991,he is a  native of Ilesa, Osun state and  was born and lives in Ibadan, Oyo state. He is a graduate of Mass communication at Bowen University.

He his happily married to the beautiful Tolulope Mary Mike-Bamiloye, who of course acted as Sister Gloria in the Movie “The train” (just In case you didn’t know.)

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye began his music career at the age of 14, as a background music and sound effects producer for mount Zion film production. Presently, he is a music producer, graphic artist and dramatist.

Joshua Mike-Bamiloye started his music ministry in 2010, and released his first ever album in 2013.Some of his album include Living sacrifice 1.0, rebirth 2.0, generation next 1, 3.0, and generation II 4.0. They are all available on


Listen to and download some of his awesome songs down here and, if you have not watched the movie ‘The train”, Please find time to watch it on YouTube. You will be blessed beyond words.

Biography gotten

Oruko Jesu O tobi remix

The train theme song with Lawrence Oyor


No surrender

No more


My soul will sing


I will rise


Giving it to you

Official theme song for “Haunted movie”

Are you ready?


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