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Artist of the week- Steffany Gretzinger


Stefannnyyyyy  Gretzingerrrrr… God! I love that woman so much,I have listened to many of her spirit filled songs, over and over again. God indeed, has ordained her a gifted minstrel for this generation and the next. OK.. so now let me delve into a little story on how I got to know Steffany Gretzinger….

A while back gospel singer, Folabi Nuel (He is one artist I appreciate a lot and really love his style of singing)   posted about her on his insta story, talking about how much of an amazing singer she is, and equally urging her to come to Nigeria. I went to check her up and Boom! that’s how I got stuck.

I keep downloading every of her songs now. In my head I just feel, ‘Once its Steffany Gretzinger singing, then you just have to listen’. I connect with this woman of God so well…I literally listen to her song  “Defender” everyday. The funny thing is that, I used to listen to her version of King of my heart (On of my favorite gospel songs of all time) originally sang by Amanda Lindsey Cook,before I knew her and knowing her just made me love her even more.

I know a lot people feel the same way about her. You are probably reading up till this point because, you feel the same way about her songs too. Well… I got you darling friend. This is the reason I’m making her the “Artist of the week”, just so you can get to know more about your favorite gospel artist.

Her full name is Steffany Dawn Frizzell, she is from Redding Califonia.  Steffany Dawn Gretzinger is married to Stephen Gretzinger, and has one child (Wonder Grace).

They used to live in Redding California, where she was a worship leader at Bethel Church, but having led her final worship service on April 21, 2019, they relocated to Nashville Tennessee.  

Steffany has been engaged in worship ministry since childhood and grew up in a musical household. Her mother, Kathy Frizell, was involved in the Christian music industry in Nashville, Tennessee, as a writer. Kathy is currently a worship leader at Wooster Church of the Nazarene in Wooster, Ohio.

Steffany’s dad, Ron Frizell, is one of the associate pastors on staff at Wooster Nazarene. Steffany Gretzinger attended the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in 2008. Feel free to leave a comment on your favourite Steffany Gretzinger’s song.

To know more about Steffany Gretzinger, you can check her up on Instagram @steffanydawn, Twitter @SteffGretz, Facebook Steffany Gretzinger.

Some of Steffany Gretzinger’s songs are, available on this site. Listen, download and share.

Adeola Oyolola
Adeola is an upcoming gospel singer whose heart beats desperately after God. She released her first single titled 'I will go' last year November. Her utmost desire is to spread the gospel of Christ to all nations of the earth. The sole aim of this website, is to promote gospel songs and gospel artist because she believes gospel artist are great vessels in God's hands.

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